Review: After Laughter (2017), Paramore

We are embracing a musical awakening – it is time to appreciate the shimmering, synth-heavy, 80s-pop inspired tunes that earmark a new phase of Paramore’s open-ended journey.


Analysis: ‘Rose Coloured Boy’ by Paramore, Music Video (2018)

This video really relates to the band’s struggles with self-identity and how to preserve a genuine image while the modern day media machine runs rife with commercialism and capitalist motivations. Things are not as sunny as they seem in Roseville.

News: CHVRCHES Third Album

CHVRCHES are a unique, effervescent spark in the ’80s-synthpop genre and their music has always been the result of a coalescence of various influences. It is hard not to get swept up in the hype that is swelling as the result of social media teases and subliminal hints but I am sure their sonic revival will be explosive yet simultaneously stay true to their core.